Luca’s Events – socially responsible catering

Luca’s Events is deeply committed to our sustainability responsibility. We believe sustainability begins with our social responsibility to our team, creating a positive working environment, paying with transparency & at least London Living Wage to all staff members. We nurture opportunities for career development.

Food miles
The way in which we create our menus is considering the journey of the food. We have always been committed to sourcing our ingredients from the most reputable suppliers, focusing on sourcing as much as possible from within Wales and UK. We use Douglas Willis for our meat, Snowden’s for fish, Bishops and some local farms for our fruit & veg, whilst our dry store is sourced via Castell Howells.

Zero Waste
Our menus are created around seasonal, local produce and we work closely with clients to ensure that we cater for the right number of guests. When we design our menus with you, we create an evening snack or a canapé from any surplus ingredients to ensure we help you reduce your waste.

Oil waste
Any waste cooking oil created here at Luca’s Events is given to collection companies registered with Environment Agency, turning our waste product into Biodiesel, a real fuel for the future.

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